After the fun with Bane and Batman it was time for Selena Kyle.
Here’s my final result

I was looking for a dramatic effect and be able to control the light.
Below is the setup I used. It’s the 100mm lens with 2 Canon 550EX flash. The flash with the soft box (white diffuser on the right, closest to the camera) will be called B while the other one one the left will be called A.
Setup used to catch cat woman
I moved A and B and lot and checked the results and adjusted each time. When the light was ok, I discovered that I didn’t like some of the positioning of Selena so I changed it and had to redo the lights. In total I ended up taking 70 pictures in close to an hour. Below are the final 3. The only difference  was on the balance of the flash. With the trigger I can give more or less power to a group of flash.

Catwoman 1-1

Flash A and B have equal power.

Flash A has 4 more power than flash B

Flash A has 4 more power than flash B

Flash A has twice the power of flash B

Flash A has twice the power of flash B

I used the 2-1 setup as the starting point for the edit.
Here are the major steps I applied.

  • In Lightroom 5: Adjust the clarity
  • In Lightroom 5: With a brush, increase the exposure slightly on the right hand
  • In Photoshop CS6 : duplicate the layer and remove the spots and the unwanted details with the healing tool
  • In Photoshop CS6 : with the magic wand on the face, selected the burnt areas and used the fill option with content aware set. Then I extended the selection with the feather option and applied a surface blur
  • In Photoshop CS6 : Duplicated the layer and applied a surface blur. I then used a layer mask to have this only applied on the chest and changed the opacity to keep a bit of texture
  • In Photoshop CS6 : I fixed the articulated split at the belly with another selection and content aware file
  • In Photoshop CS6 : I fixed the wrist with taking a part of the arm, copying it, transforming it to cover the wrist and then merge and healing.
  • In Photoshop CS6 : I cropped to get tighter to the subject.
  • In Photoshop CS6 : Duplicated the layer and used multiply to darken the whole. Then used a mask to reveal the right arm, whip, chest and face.
  • In Photoshop CS6 : Flipped the canvas horizontally as I preferred this direction.

Voila. Please let me know what you think of it and if you would have done anything differently.

By Sebastien Grobelny


2 Responses to Catwoman

  1. I am a big fan of your posts, they are so detailed and allow me to learn so much from your editing skills. Thank you!!!

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