Macro is an extreme close-up.
I believe these links deserve a close-up 😉

The Road ahead

By Sebastien Grobelny



Macro is an extreme close-up.
I believe these links deserve a close-up 😉

Kiss me

By Sebastien Grobelny


Macro is an extreme close-up.
I believe these links deserve a close-up 😉


By Sebastien Grobelny


Macro is an extreme close-up.
I believe these links deserve a close-up 😉



By Sebastien Grobelny

Long Exposure #7 : My first critic

On Tuesday Celine took me to our first ever photo critic. There was a bit of frenzy on Monday night to pick up what we would present. I wasn’t initially supposed to go but with a little bit of pushing here and there, I was convinced into going. It was at the B&H Event Space.

I ended presenting from my Studio Projects gallery. The idea was that I thought that a lot of people would present travel and portraits and I also wanted to be able to progress on this with targeted assignments. Thought it would be more difficult to re-shoot a landscape in Monument Valley on a whim ;).

Here are the 5 shots I picked in the same order I presented them.

Macro of a 1$ bill

1$ bill detail shot with the 100mm f/2.8 @1/10s

Play with paint

Processing experiment with paint. Shot with 100mm at f/11 and 1/15s

Detail of AlienWare laptop

Detail of my old AlienWare laptop shot with 60mm f/2.8 @6/10s

Detail of Angus Mc Donald Burger

Detail of a Mc Donalds Angus Deluxe shot with 60mm f/2.8 @1/125s

Troopers and Vador

Troopers and Vador with 100mm f/4 1/125s

I thought this would be one on ones, us versus the panel of critics. Instead the pictures of everyone where put up on screens and discussed by the critics and often times other participants. Celine went first, and I thought it went pretty well. I went close to the end and left with a ton of questions. I’m very grateful for the critics and the opportunity. I was able to see what I’m up against and how to better myself. I think I’m currently following a similar process than grief and am currently between denial and bargaining. I will eventually be there, but I will need some time.

Don’t hesitate to leave your critics in the comment section or if you want to get some constructive criticism put some links of your own there.

By Sebastien Grobelny


Macro is an extreme close-up.
I believe these links deserve a close-up 😉

Dark Vader and Stormtroopers

Into Darkness with a poll!

It may come as a shock to some of you, but I’ve never seen a Star Trek episode growing up. I was more a Star Wars child and even though I watched shows like Stargate and Babylon-5, I’ve never watched a Star Trek episode. Sure, I knew who Spock and Kirk were, what the Enterprise looked like, that the Klingon were the bad guys but not much more.
I discovered Star Trek very recently with the J.J.Abrams movies and enjoyed it.

Below is a video of how the last title sequence was designed.

And you, are you more Star Wars or Star Trek? (If you have the opportunity I suggest you have a look at Fanboys.)

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